Fortune Island (Nasugbu, Batangas) Daytrip/2D1N


The Ionic columns of Fortune Island is a homage to the imposing structures of ancient Greece and these pillars are the key features that attracts visitors to the island off the coast of Nasugbu. Fortune Island was formerly a private luxury resort, once fully-equipped with amenities that now lay in ruins, before the new owners opened its doors for the public to enjoy. A jagged cliff behind the island serves as a playground for daredevils looking for a dash of thrill on this tiny island.

Trip Date(s):

06 August 2016

Package includes:

Food (Lunch for daytrip or 3 meals for 2D/1N)
Entrance Fee
Tour Coordinator
Travel Insurance

For Booking & Inquiries:

0998 955 65 25 (SMART)
0995 448 48 33 (GLOBE)

or message us on Facebook.

+++ Our schedule don’t fit yours? No worries. We could arrange an exclusive trip on your preferred dates. Minimum of 10 persons in a group to avail regular price.




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