About Biyahe Lokal

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What Is Biyahe Lokal

Biyahe Lokal, a passion-driven travel agency, believes that adventure knows no boundaries. It is the motivating force that fuels the team in exploring different horizons to make adventures available and affordable to every traveler. Helping other travelers discover and experience some of the inherent beauty of the Philippines will strengthen the support for local tourism. Thus, it will also provide livelihood for our fellow Filipinos in rural areas.

Improving Services

Professionally organizing trips for four years gave Biyahe Lokal the essential skills and experience in providing better travel services. To improved even further, the team attended seminars, with regards to the industry, accredited by the Department of Tourism. They also completed their first aid and basic life support training under the Philippine Red Cross. Each participant is also provided with an individual travel insurance for every trip. For Biyahe Lokal, the safety of the clientele is paramount.


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